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The Cederberg is one of the rock painting hotspots in southern Africa. There are no engravings in the Cederberg region, but a lot of paintings and it tells the unique and wonderful story of the San people who lived in the region many years ago.

Herschil Pieterse, a registered Western Cape and freelance tour guide, is a citizen of Clanwilliam and do a lot of research about the San people and enjoys informing people about them. If you would like to know more about the paintings and the San people, make a booking in advance with Herschil at chstclanwilliam@gmail.com or 076 377 9411. Herschil is also an expert with the Sevilla Rock Art Trail and make it easy for the visitor to see the world as the San people saw the environment around them.

You can also book an historical / experiences tour through Clanwilliam or out of town on your way to the Pakhuys pass. Clanwilliam is one of the oldest towns in South Africa and the history of town is really something to experience. Clanwilliam and the Cederberg region are also well-known for the Rooibos plants.

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