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Le Cage - a passion for business, coffee, fashion and people - is the driving force behind Norma's dream come true. We feel empowering women to participate fully across all sectors is essential to building a stronger economy, as women are regaining their voice, and standing in unity to bring about change in the world. This little shop uplifts women of different ages & cultures, as there are a lot of women out there who have the ability to provide the most stunning clothing, artwork and so much more, while not being financially able, or with access to the resources and the necessary know-how, to promote themselves.

Our Coffee Shop provides you with the best imported coffee from around the world and beans of said sources can also be purchased from us. Weskus Bruid & LVZ Couture who has been known in wedding & fashion industry for more that 40 years can provide clients with a great variety of exquisite & specialised garments. Liezel, a professional designer, can design and make any type of dress according to your needs, budget and requirements as her standard of work is impeccable. Coco Chanel said a girl should be two things, "who and what she wants".

We pride ourselves on providing great customer service, apparel, eats & treats of the highest quality at all times.

Mondays to Fridays
09:00 - 17:00

Saturdays 09:00 - 14:00   Sundays & Public Holidays (will be announced)

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Le Cage
Telephone: 072 839 3832

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E-mail: lecageclanwilliam@gmail.com


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